US Ambassador joins in pad sewing drive campaign to keep girl-child in school

Last Sunday, the United States Ambassador to Swaziland Lisa Peterson joined hundreds of ladies for the sanitary pad sewing drive. The pad sewing drive is an initiative led by the Leading Ladies Empowerment and the aim of the project is to make washable handmade sanitary pads for school going under-privileged girls. Driven by a need to keep girls in school, teams of volunteers met for an entire day to cut materials and sew the pieces for pads. Director of the Program Lindelo Dlamini said the initiative came about after they were made aware that one of the leading reasons for girls dropping out of school in rural areas were lack of sanitary pads. The sewing marathon took place on Sunday at the Albert Millin in Mbabane, where over a hundred ladies convened and helped in the making of the pads. The aim was to make a hundred packs to benefit a hundred pupils but because of the many hands that showed up 121 packs were completed.