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Remarks by Ambassador Lisa Peterson: Commissioning of Isibuko Ekudzeni Bomake Communal Gardening Project Launc
May 20, 2019

Manzini Regional Secretary
Umphakatsi Representative
Isibuko Global Directors and International Governing Board
Isibuko South Africa Branch Board of Directors’ Chairperson Mrs. Evelyn K. Seitisho and Eswatini Board of Directors
UNESWA Centre of Community services
Mbulazi Nursery
The Constituency Council and the Honorable Member of Parliament
Isibuko Ekudzeni Bomake and the community at large

Siyanivusela (Greetings)

I believe this is a joyful day for everyone gathered here.  Today marks a major achievement for the entire community.  Reaching the stage of launching this project shows the level of commitment in the Ekudzeni community to progress and self-reliance through agricultural activities.

The Government of the United States of America, through its Embassy in the Kingdom of Eswatini, supports this country’s efforts to fight poverty. The project that we are launching here today is one of the ways the US Government can help to reduce food insecurity and improve the economic status of emaSwati.

The US Embassy in Eswatini has supported many community projects like yours, through the Ambassador’s’ Special Self Help Program, and we have seen many projects do well and succeed.  With just over 45,000 Emalangeni, the 15 members of Isibuko Ekudzeni Bomake have started this communal gardening project meant to benefit the entire community of Ekudzeni.

One of the key factors in selecting recipients for Self-Help funds is the sustainability of a project. Isibuko Ekudzeni Bomake have partnered with the Swaziland National Marketing Board to help train and mentor members on crop production and to provide viable markets for their produce. This will ensure the project’s longevity while building skills and capacity for men, women, and youth in Ekudzeni.

Contributions often come in many forms, including manual labor or materials. The Isibuko Ekudzeni Bomake group has contributed with more than 350 square metres of communal land for this project and countless hours of labor.

It is worth noting that this project suffered some delays due to the heavy rains that the country has been experiencing since last year. Notwithstanding the difficult climatic conditions, the 15 passionate women of Ekudzeni practiced amazing patience and resilience, leading to today’s celebration of remarkable commitment and persistence.  Thank you, and congratulations on your determination, hard work, and acceptance of full responsibility and ownership of the project. Asibashayeleni tandla bekunene (Let’s give them a round of applause)

Kuyangitfokotisa kubona  baphatsi bemmango, tinsita kanye nemalunga emmango kulomcimbi kutawusekela lomsebenti( It is heartwarming to see the community leaders, stakeholders and the community members at large gathered here to support the project dedication ceremony.) The women will continue to need this kind of support in order for their project to be a success in the years to come.

 I appeal to this community and its leaders to maintain their full support for this project.  The outcomes of this project will benefit the residents of this community, but could also help many other citizens of Eswatini, especially if it is replicated in neighboring communities.

Bambanani nitawuphumelela (Work hand in hand/Work together and you will succeed).Nginifisela lokuhle kodvwa (All the best)

Siyabonga (Thank you)