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Joint Statement – EU, Taiwan, UK, and U.S. Missions
Support for SADC Troika Mission; Inclusive Dialogue Urgently Needed to Calm Tensions
July 4, 2021

The EU, Taiwan, UK, and U.S. Missions in Eswatini welcome the arrival of the Troika of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ for Politics, Defence and Security, and support its objective to facilitate broad based dialogue involving all stakeholders.  It is critical now to create the space for peaceful, productive and inclusive talks, and we stand ready to assist.

We encourage all parties to engage fully in dialogue.  Respect for fundamental freedoms and the rule of law should be the guiding lights for all stakeholders as they work to resolve the situation peacefully and productively

The use of violence and the destruction of property are unacceptable and must be investigated vigorously and transparently, with perpetrators prosecuted according to the law.