American Spaces

Mission Statement:

American Spaces are a network of publicly accessible places that enable the U.S. Embassy to build and strengthen relationships with Swazi communities, showcase American culture and values, promote English language learning, encourage study in the United States, and foster goodwill and mutual understanding.


American Spaces exemplify the U.S. commitment to a citizen’s right to free access to information – which is a core tenant of democracy. They are places that:

  • Provide accurate, timely and audience appropriate information about the United States – its history, culture, society, and values.
  • Facilitate English language learning through access to English language speakers, resources, computers, and the internet.
  • Promote U.S. higher education through EducationUSA advising by providing Swazi students with accurate, comprehensive, and current guidance on applying to U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Foster people-to-people connections, increase understanding, and build respect with Swazi audiences through cultural programs.
  • Support continued engagement with U.S. government alumni, connecting them to local audiences through alumni programs where credible local voices can share firsthand information about the United States and American values.

Currently, Swaziland has three American Space, namely the Information Resource Center (IRC) located in our Embassy at Ezulwini Valley and two American Corners in Mbabane and Nhlangano Public Libraries.