Ambassador Lisa Peterson commissions Jubukweni Communal Gardening Project

The Jubukweni community clearly has a “green thumb”! Ambassador Peterson joined them last Friday to commission their communal gardening project, headed by Ligcabho Labomake Association. The association received a grant of over E77,000 from the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program to install a drip irrigation system and to purchase water pipes, a water tank, and seedlings to kick start their project. In her speech, Ambassador Peterson encouraged the recruitment of young people into the project as this was a critical aspect to Swaziland’s future economy and prosperity. The ceremony also welcomed Chief Mabuza, MP Menzi Dlamini and Hhohho Regional Administrator representative, Mr. Msibi. We hope more communities take up gardening like Jubukweni to encourage sustainable food production, community development, and economic growth.