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Ambassador Jeanne M. Maloney Remarks – The 2021 WAC/WAD Launch
October 28, 2021

A woman in a surgical mask speaks at a podium in front of a red backdrop with white lettering

Over the past couple of weeks, we had an opportunity to reflect on the county’s progress toward sustainable HIV/AIDS response. It was a timely exercise, which many of you participated in. The exercise did highlight program success and helped us identify blind spots and gaps and it made clear that health outcomes are not for the health sector alone to bear. Good governance and economic development and equality are intrinsic to achieving and sustaining HIV epidemic control.

It was a timely exercise as Eswatini still stands at the precipice of epidemic control. You just heard my NERCHA colleagues discuss the latest data on HIV. The program successes are clear, however at this point in time there are serious risks lying ahead. COVID and unrest in the country threaten the gains made in HIV.

Together, we dug deep to continue to address HIV, while also responding to COVID.We continue to require flexibility and resiliency to deliver services in the current context.

The PEPFAR 2025 vision will soon be released and focuses on:

  1. Accomplishing the Mission: sustained equitable and people centered HIV services, achieving 95-95-95 for al populations
  2. Building enduring capabilities: resilient and capacitated systems and communities
  3. Broadening the support base: partnering for greater impact and sustainability

The United States has stood by Eswatini’s side for 17 years on HIV.

Through PEPFAR 8.4 billion Emalangeni has been invested in Eswatini by the United States to support the achievements in HIV. We continue to stand side by side to provide support for both HIV and COVID prevention and treatment.

We look forward to joining the Regional and National World AIDS Day commemoration events that have been planned. The United States will continue to work together to end AIDS, inequalities and the impact of pandemics on the people of Eswatini.